End of Radio week summary

Well it was the last week of radio, and I’m going to miss it.  I think video will be fun too though; I sometimes edit videos for fun, so it should be interesting to see what I can do with the prompts I get from this class.  Right now I have decent skills in editing.  I can take shots from shows or movies and make videos with the resources I pull.  I’ve gotten pretty good at audio layering and little editing tricks to make for better pacing and quality of movies I think.  So it will be fun to see what new kinds of challenges I get from the assignments; hopefully I’ll learn more tricks and improve my form as I go.

For the week’s assignments, I chose to do the eight stars worth of activities.  I just don’t have the time these next few weeks to coordinate a big project with a team, so I didn’t want to risk taking the project and being to busy all the time to meet up.  Also, I just really enjoy creating and editing videos, so I knew I would enjoy the stuff from the video assignment bank.  I focused on two rather different assignments for the visual bank.  Each were worth 4 so I got to spend a lot of time working on them.  One was a trailer for a tv show that’s already out.  I chose Lost for two reasons.  One was because it’s my favorite show and it’d be fun as hell to make a trailer for it, and the other was because I already have every episode, so I wouldn’t have to search around for material online.  I could use any shot I wanted since I wasn’t hindered by any lack of supply.

The trailer I really wanted to make would have been like 20 minutes long, so I forced myself to keep it light on plot, and just focus on the more emotional side of the show.  It got me thinking of what I’d like to do for a bigger trailer though, one that covered themes from every season.  I may just do it for fun; if I do, I’ll make sure to post it to this site for any Lost fans who might be in the class.  Here is the assignment submission page on the video.

The other video assignment I did was a Character Description.  The idea was to tell the story and personality of a fictional character.  I chose to do my noir character, Jim Sardic.  It was direct way to bring all the stuff I’ve made up for Sardic and his world together.  In one cohesive video, many of the different stories and aspects of Sardic and his New York were able to be put together.

Unfortunately, I put things off for this class too long against the work for my comp sci classes and didn’t find the time to make a video in analyzing a film.  I’m bummed it was this particular assignment that fell through the cracks.  I love analyzing film, and have taken some classes here in film study.  It’s an incredibly fun thing to do.  Hopefully there will be another assignment where look at films, so I can make up for it then.

For the daily creates, I did the two that actually matched, which I felt was a bit of a twist at the time.  The first one was to write a poem about a rainy day.  So I wrote a little haiku and put it on a thematically appropriate picture.

Rainy Day

The second part was to record a reading of my poem the next day.  I thought it would make for an amusing two-part daily create so I did the reading for my second one.

I had a lot of thoughts for the radio weeks, and enjoyed pretty much every part of it.  Radio turned out to be a great medium for having fun and telling a story.  And I’m sure the rest of my impromptu D&D party enjoyed it just was much.  Also, for my listen-in, I chose Dinner Party at Six, a murder mystery themed show.  I’m a sucker for murder mystery; I actually do them once every couple of months with my friends here at school.  It’s always a big event, so I was excited to see another group who was into writing the murder mystery story.  I talk all about it here in my big, end of radio post.  Well hopefully the video weeks will be just as good as the radio weeks were!

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