Collaboration Week

This was a somewhat challenging week as far as the assignments went.  Collaborating my own noir character, Jim Sardic, with those of my fellow students was an interesting endeavor.  What it really made me do was go through everyone’s chain of posts regarding their characters, and how they’ve built them up over time.  It’s a pretty cool thing to see, the gradual progression of each character as new assignment prompts push our creativity in different directions.  For my submissions, I did the “create a panorama“, in which we are supposed to essentially fabricate one of those messed up panoramas you see smart phones make sometimes.  Working with my character’s world though, I got to really play with the idea of melding spaces in the image.  Another fun one was to “Make a business card“.  It’s pretty self explanatory, though the card I made was for Sardic.  I had actually thought of this idea during my groups radio show, when Sardic gave Mrs. Bridgewater his business card when she hired him to find her husbands murderer.  Luckily it turned out there was already a post in the design category for making a card.  My favorite assignment though was the “Letters from the Past” writing assignment.  I had my character interact with Kim’s person, Sasha Kellogg.  She, as a little girl, saw her parents be killed.  So there was a lot to work with there.

For my daily creates, I did the “what makes you laugh” one.

I got a kick out of the new show on Netflix, Unbreakable Kimmy Shmidt.  It’s classic Tina Fey humor, so if you like 30 Rock, you’d find this hilarious.

And I did the instructional daily create.

computer building


For the radio shows, I listened into NOIR Not the Father.  It was a show about a public, game show-esk investigation of the murder Jackie Steel.  The two suspects were her husband and her secret lover.

Here are the inspires I had for this week.  They turned out to be quite some fun, I got to see some really cool creative stuff that my classmates have made.  There’s a lot of talent in our section, which is a lot of fun to see.

Cody’s Heel

Meet  Sacha Kellogg

Emily’s Designblitz

George’s Bag

And here are my comments for the week.


See you guys next week.

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