Week 11 – The Agency

It’s been an interesting week setting up my agency, Sardic Investigations.  I set up the website on a new subdomain and starting filling it with content.  It’s got a ways to go before it will feel like a fully fledged site, but I really like how it looks now.  It will have all sorts of case files on the portfolio page, so it will be fun to write those.  Here’s the site if you’d like to take a gander.

For my assignments, I wanted to focus on building Sardic in the context of the new website.  I did the web redesign, where I made a trip adviser site into one that fit Sardic’s universe.  I made him a resume, which was both goofy and super fun.  And I made made the post-it notes that he keeps around the house.

The two daily creates I did were Noddy and the umbrella picture.




And here’s my comments Comments.

Have a good week everyone!

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