Thoughts on the radio show

I figure there’s quite a few directions the show can take.  One of the first questions is what will be the main attraction of the show?  Will it be mostly music based with sketches in between, purely sketches that we make up as a team, or somewhere in the middle of that spectrum?  We can certainly make use of our noir characters in our sketches, writing stories that we play out like a radio segment.  Maybe we can even have sketches where our characters interact with each other.  We can combine our stories to make a large collaborative narrative for the show.

If there is going to music, I feel it should be thematically appropriate for noir.  Jazzy songs, ones that you’d find in film noir or would seem right in the background of some noir story would be best.  That, and music from the 50s would go together nicely to fit the theme.

Another fun sketch we could do would be to discuss our favorite examples of noir.  We can bring up movies, books, music, and anything else that we feel fits the theme and talk about what makes it noir, and what makes it good.  This would be a fun way to further our conversations about noir and what makes up the genre.

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