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So the D&D noir session went excellently!  We all had a great time recording our game, which was expertly written by Mat, our DM.  On the night of our first session, we set up some serious audio equipment, borrowed from UMW, in Mason hall and went at it.

We all converted our noir characters to D&D 5th edition characters beforehand, but nobody except Mat knew what the story would entail beside the basic premise.  So the whole narrative was authentic in the sense that we each treated the situations through their characters as they came up.  It was a lot of fun to role play through the scenarios that were presented in the perspective of a noir archetype character.  In my case, I got to play the role of the private investigator, contracted to help Ellen’s character, who is trying to uncover the conspiracy behind the murder of her husband.  The story is very classic noir; we’re all trying to solve this murder, and all the while there’s this sense that we’re in way over our heads.

It starts the way any proper D&D campaign starts, at a inn.  Each of us were there for our own reasons, and we all found each other as the narrative drew us in.  As a D&D plot goes, it’s certainly on rails, meaning it’s a specific story rather than an open world to explore.  But this is fitting toward the noir genre.  The protagonists of noir often are dragged deeper and deeper into the machinations of the people behind the conspiracies, and that’s definitely the feel of what’s happening with our characters here.

We each did a bumper and commercial for the episode.  Here’s mine:



We’re going to finish the story, though that’s a lot more hours worth of content than we could fit into one episode.  So we’re going to finish the story and release the recordings in one hour increments until we get the whole thing out.  It’s going to be fun as hell to complete, and hopefully just as fun to listen to.

Here’s our show!

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