What’s going on in New York?

I liked doing the website design assignment for my noir character, Jim Sardic, because it would be a challenge to incorporate such a thing in a story where there were no computers.  In Sardic’s world, computers don’t work in New York, where he lives.  It’s now a place where secrets are easier to keep, and information is harder to come by, much like the mid 1900s as compared to now.  So to work with this, I decided to make the site as something looking into New York from the outside.  It’s something of an aggregate of information on what’s going on in New York since nobody can report to the internet from inside the city.  This site’s purpose is to relay information coming from the city to the rest of the world from random individuals who happen to visit or come from the city.

I based the site loosely from the New York Events website.  I did this because I wanted it to look as much as possible like what my fictional site would look like if it were real.  So the best way to do this was to draw from a site that actually does rely info on the going-ons of New York.  Below is what the top of the front page would look like, showing the latest articles and linking to tips on visiting the city.


new york website

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