Trip Adviser – New York

This is for the “storytelling within the web” web assignment.  This was a really cool prompt for a web assignment; it lets you do pretty much anything you want to any site.  Of course I wanted to relate this to Jim Sardic and his version of New York, so I went to a trip adviser page for attractions in New York.  I used x-ray goggles, the extension for firefox, to edit the html on the page.  It was cool changing around things on the site, the extension was extremely intuitive.  You can just click on any portion of the page, and the highlighted code block will come up to let you change anything you want.  I didn’t go too crazy with it, changing links to other pages.  I mostly changed the text on the page to make sense with Sardic’s universe.  Here’s a link to the new version of the site I made.

Here’s an image of my updated version.

alternate trip advisor

And here’s the original trip advisor page

original trip advisor

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  1. This was a really cool idea for this assignment. I had no idea that firefox had an extension like that I’m going to have to check it out

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