Spooky Ambience

This is for the Spooky Sounds audio assignment.  I wanted to make the sounds for my track be more generally unsettling and creepy than outright scary.  So I avoided any singular loud sounds that would lend themselves to jump scares and kept it a bit more constant.  The variations in between would help to keep the track from getting static but I made sure to keep the sounds and volume level constant enough to maintain an ambient feel.  I felt this track would be good for a situation my noir character, Jim Sardic, might find himself in.  In his line of work, he often has to journey into the unknown, whether he is in an outsider’s den, or traversing worlds beyond the Puncture.  In times like those, the noir begins to blend with horror, and I wanted the sounds to reflect that atmosphere.

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  1. Whoa. The mechanical sounds remind me of the power loader Ripley uses in Alien.
    On a separate note, I really like that you opted for ambiance, it makes it more spooky, and sets a scene rather than focusing on actions to carry the listener from high point to high point.
    Good work.

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