Radio Show plans

For the upcoming radio show, our group will be playing and recording a game of Dungeons and Dragons.  The game will be set in the D&D world, but our adventure will be focused on a noir themed story.  Each of our noir characters will be adapted to the D&D world, so we’ll get to actually play as our characters!  This is exciting for me since my character, Jim Sardic, has access to a portal between worlds.  So I don’t even have to change him to fit the universe; I can actually just have him enter the world as himself.

Transferring Sardic to a character sheet was a fun process; it allowed me to really flesh out what he’s actually capable of physically doing in his investigations.  I was a bit difficult picking out a class for him.  I was stuck for a while between a wizard and a rouge.  I could have made him a wizard, saying that through his experience dealing with the Puncture and the technological/magical artifacts he’s found allow him to essentially act as a wizard would.  But I ended up setting him as a rouge, since it’s more fitting to the noir side of Sardic’s story and character.  A wizard would have been fun, but my character, and his world, was already leaning heavily toward the sci-fi/fantasy aspects of the story.  It was time to focus more on the noir.

Ellen O’Brien, Max Johnson, and I have all discussed the logistics of this adventure with the rest of the D&D party and the DM, so we’re all on the same page for how the adventure should move thematically.  All that’s left is to get together, roleplay our characters, and see where we take ourselves.  We have some good archetypes for the story.  Sardic is the classic detective character with his sci-fi twist.  Ellen’s character is playing the femme fatale.  We even have a morally virtuous character who will be dealing with the corrupt world as we investigate a murder.  I’ve played quite a bit of D&D before, but not to such a direction in noir in terms of the role playing.  It should be quite interesting.  We’re meeting at the convergence center tonight to do the adventure; I suspect we’ll all have a lot of fun.

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