Panorama between worlds

This is for the Surreal Panorama visual assignment.  The idea was to create one of those panoramas that don’t really make sense that you sometimes get from a smartphone picture.  But instead of just taking one, you make one up yourself.  So I decided to create a panorama of two places, one nested within the other.  This worked out great for my noir character since I could use the tears between worlds that exist within his universe.  I used a picture of a New York street, and placed a house within it.  The house is the one Brenda uses as the background of her website, and for the purpose of melding our characters’ stories, I like to think of it as the home of her character, Isabelle “Red” McIntosh.  The house is visible through a “flash”, a side effect and smaller version of the Puncture.  Flashes occasionally occur in Sardic’s New York, blurring the lines between realities temporarily.

reds house portal

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