I’m a Bee

This is for the “Create a Music Video” video assignment.  For whatever reason, when I saw this assignment post, I thought of that terrible Black Eyed Peas song, Imma Be.  Whenever I heard that song when it was popular, all I could think of was that it sounded like the guy was saying “I’m a Bee”.  So I decided to make a parody music video with my spaz of a friend back home.  We mostly just goofed around with the camera and a bee suit, finding ways to play on the song’s lyrics.  It took quite a while to make, but it was fun as hell to do.  When I got back up to Fredericksburg, I put all the footage on my desktop and started editing through the hours of footage we took.  Here’s the result of our labors.

Jim Sardic turned off the video half-way through.  People still connected to the internet do the weirdest stuff, he thought.  He sat in his secondary office, a rundown closet behind a salon in Queens.  Technology still works here, and even though Sardic preferred the old school ways that Manhattan had readopted since the Puncture, his job required him to contact the outside world every once in a while.  The people who made this parody video had been missing for some time now, and their friends are convinced outsiders had something to do with it.  Sardic hoped not; outsiders don’t usually leave the vicinity of the Puncture.  But it happens.  Brooding all the while, he jotted down info on the victims from social media sites.  Their habits, interests, and whereabouts all went into Sardic’s little brown notebook.  He smirked as he turned the off the computer and got up to leave.  “And people wonder why we New Yorkers like our privacy,” he muttered as he walked out the door.

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