DS106 Wallpaper

For the DS106 wallpaper assignment, I thought I’d also try to work in my noir character, Jim Sardic, by making the wallpaper his office in New York.  I googled for a photo of a detective’s office, and found one that would work well for what I wanted.  This photo from deviant art was exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted it to have a window so I could show New York with the Puncture outside the office; this way I could highlight the key aspects of my character and his world.  It took quite a bit of photoshopping to have the picture make sense.  The original picture’s light from the window didn’t fit the background I edited in, and had to be recolored to make sense with the new scenery.  It could certainly look better if someone more adept at Gimp made it, but I’m happy with the result.  It captured what I wanted it too.  The picture even had a computer, unused, on the floor.  This little touch was perfect for Sardic’s office; computers no longer work in New York since the Puncture appeared, so Sardic discarded his.

Sardic's office

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