Black Mirror Censored

Sardic stood in the middle aged woman’s living room.  She was rummaging around in her attic, looking for a box of her daughter’s old things.  Another disappearance.  He was here to interview her and see what he could find about the daughter.  He noticed the tv was on.  It was on some american channel that was porting that british show, Black Mirror.  A man was giving an impassioned speech about people being too absorbed in their technologies and fabricated realities.  It was all commentary, and Sardic couldn’t help but agree with a lot of it.  The shame of it was the speech was being censored for profanities.  It felt wrong to him, but that’s just classic american tv for you.  The woman came down the stairs, struggling with an oversized box.  Jim turned away from the tv to help her.  There was work to do.

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