The Last of the Rockmen

This is for the Music Mashup assignment on the audio assignment page.  The assignment was to take two distinct sounding songs and mash them up to make a new song with their alternating or combined sounds.  I used Rockmen from the FTL soundtrack and the theme song from The Last of Us.  I decided to use video game sound tracks to avoid the copywrite infringement that comes along with using regular, licensed songs.  I alternated the songs on their respective builds, then alternated them in the main part of their tracks.  Then, as they reached each of their finales, I had them play at the same time, overlapping each other.  I liked using these two songs because they have very different moods and sounds to them.  Rockmen is quick and upbeat, and is a combat track for its game.  But the Last of Us theme is slower, sadder, and is meant to be more cinematic in its mood.

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