The Killers – Alternate Ending

The Killers – Alternate Ending

“I can’t stand to think about him waiting in the room and knowing he’s going to get it.  It’s too damned awful.”
“Well,” said George, “you better not think about it.”
Nick looked at George just once before he walked out the front door.
“For that boy’s sake, I hope we never see him again,” George said.
From the kitchen, Sam said “I don’t even want to hear about it George, not this time.  Just get it over with, will ya?”
George looked back at Sam, staring at the wall above the stove.  “Yeah alright,” he replied.

“Room four?” George asked Mrs. Bell as he walked past her.  He didn’t wait for an answer; he didn’t even look back to see her reluctant nod before he started climbing the stairs.  He knew they were in there.
It was over in less than ten seconds.  George unlocked and opened the door to room four.  Before Max or Al could get a look at their captor, George put a bullet in each of their chests from the pistol he brought with him.  He checked to make sure they were dead, then left the room, re-locking the door as he left.  He turned to the door across the hall, and opened it.
“Two more, Anderson.”
George held out his hand.  Without looking at him, Ole Anderson reached under the bed and pulled out an unclasped briefcase.  After handing George two stacks of bills from the emptying case, Anderson rolled to his side, facing the wall.
“You best figure out a better plan, Anderson”, George remarked as he turned to leave.  “Or you’ll just spend all your winnings on delaying the inevitable.  Nick is skipping town.  You may want to follow his example and get out while you can.”
“No point,” Ole Anderson quietly responded.
George shrugged, pocketed his money, and closed the door behind him, leaving Anderson to himself.

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