Rockmen – slowed way down

I thought the “make it 800% slower prompt was an interesting one in that you’re making a song sound fundamentally different simply by changing its speed.  I decided to find a particularly cheery sounding song, since the slow down effect would almost certainly make anything sound more ambient or moody.  I also wanted to try something without lyrics because any vocals would just be turned into ambient nonsense anyway.  I went with “Rockmen” from the FTL (Faster Than Light) soundtrack.  It’s a fast paced and fun song, so I thought it would be a cool track to try the slow down effect on.  The resulting file was over 30 minutes long, so I took a segment from the middle.

Not only did it come out sounding very different from its source, it even had a specific sound it instead of vague ambiance.  It sounds like music that would be played in an 80s horror movie, just as the tension starts rising.  It was interesting that there was almost a shift of genre in the tone of the song, created by just slowing it down.

Here is the original song if you are interested in listening to the source.

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