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For the promo/poster assignment, I wanted to go broad strokes.  D&D is a limitless world that takes place in a group’s collective imagination, so it’s tough to convey any specific events that will take place.  Mostly this is because I do not yet know what will happen.  Hell, even the DM doesn’t really know everything; we piece that together as we play.  So I decided to combine the core elements of D&D and noir in an image.  In the background, I put a standard looking dungeon or building map that a DM might draw up.  Overlaying that would be some classic looking images from film noir.  People smoking, hiding in alleys, and looking classy as hell.  I blended them together in hopes they melded into each other well, and laid them over the map.  Then I superimposed a thematic title over the whole thing.


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  1. This is such a great promotion. I absolutely love the background of the traditional noir characters. It really gets you to look at the poster in more detail. Fantastic! It is also a really interesting combination of ideas.

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