Porterhouse and Eggs – An Investigator’s Breakfast

Big day, prepare with
A breakfast of steak and eggs
Sardic’s favorite meal

Salt the porterhouse
It’s thick, so really coat it
Warm up your skillet

Medium-high heat
Speed it up with some oil
Some people use fat

Drop steak in skillet
Cook for four minutes, don’t flip
Move to cutting board

Cut steak off the bone
Filet will be on one side
Strip is the other

Heat up the broiler
Place steak cuts back on the pan
Surrounding the bone

Season how you want
Sardic just throws butter on
Maybe some pepper

Put in the broiler
And wait for medium-rare
Four to six minutes.

While the steak broils
Get out some eggs, scramble them
Or make an omelet

Everything’s ready
Eat up, you’ve got a big day
A new case came in

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