One Story – Four Icons

I liked the minimalist approach on this project; it makes you really think about what fundamentally makes up a story.  For mine, I chose one of my favorite films, The Prestige, created by Christopher Nolan.  I started with the water tank that Julia, Angier’s wife, died in.  This object is what created the original rift between Angier and Borden in the story and led to their rivalry.  The second object is the lightbulb.  This represents Telsa’s machine that Angier uses to defeat Borden on stage.  It is the object of Angier’s obsession, and is how he used his money to cheat his version of Borden’s trick.  The hat serves a similar role, but represents the result of such a cheat.  It is the price Angier’s obsession.  I don’t want to explain why because doing so would be a major spoiler to an amazing film, but if you have seen the movie, you’ll understand what that price was.  The ball represents Borden’s trick, and his dedication to it.  It also shows the price he paid for it.

The Prestige

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