Make a conspiracy board

You know those conspiracy boards you see in the movies.  Well now you can make one for yourself!  Come up with a story.  It can be anything, but make sure it involves a conspiracy.  Then take all the people, places, and events in that story and make a picture of it in the form of a board that someone trying to solve the conspiracy would make.  It can be cork, chalkboard, or deck of cards style, or anything else you can think of.  Names, pictures, and details linked together will eventually come to create a comprehensive story.

I recommend using a photo editing program to make your life easier in doing this.  You can go above and beyond if you want and get a board and some string and do it in real life, but a designed image will tell the story just as well.  Something like Gimp, Photoshop, or even MS Paint will get the job done.

Here’s the assignment post!

And here’s my example

Jack Board

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