Harry Dresden Magic Card

I play Magic: The Gathering on occasion, and found the “Create your own magic card” assignment amusing because of its creative potential.  Its fun to think of a favorite character’s traits and abilities and distilling those things into stats for a card game.  I chose Harry Dresden, a character from a series of books called the Dresden Files, a fantasy noir series about a wizard in modern day Chicago.  Dresden did much to influence my character, Jim Sardic, and I thought it’d be fun to put him on a card while giving him some credit for helping my ideas for developing Sardic’s personality.  Colors in Magic represent certain traits in people and environments.  For Dresden, I chose his fundamental colors to be red and blue.  Red represents raw power, pushing yourself through a conflict with brute force, and fire.  Blue represents control and thinking ahead to give yourself an advantage when trouble does come, a trait common to the archetypal wizard.

Dresden Magic Card

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