Emotional Sounds

This is a response to the Emotions Through Sound audio assignment.  I decided to make my sounds more ambiguous as to what is actually happening.  The hope is that a more abstract series of noises would come together to make for an emotional collaboration for the listener.  I had several sounds that each rolled in and out and had them slightly overlap each other.  I tried to pair the noises that sounded most like the previous noise to give it that rolling feel.  This should make the sound feel like it is flowing through its different stages.

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  1. I really liked this. I felt somewhat anxious as I was listening, and very suspenseful. I liked the way you made the transitions between sounds. They were super smooth and really worked for the overall feeling of the piece!

  2. I really appreciate how abstract this is. The sounds blend in together very well, making it a smooth listen. Yet still emotional in the way that people find rain emotional.

  3. Very Interesting! I can see how this could be perceived as being emotional. I would have had some trouble figuring out which sounds to add to my emotions. Which audio editing software did you use?
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Interesting mix of sounds. I liked how it could be interpreted as a thunder storm or some sort of invasion. The sounds flowed really smoothly and I could sense the emotion you were trying to portray with the sound. Good work!

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