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I find unity to be one of the more abstract concepts of design.  It can be created in completely different ways based solely on the context of the items making it up.  So I decided to take a set of dice, meaning one of each type, with varying colors and sizes and organize them in a way that their positions would colle




I wanted comparable objects for dominance, so it would be obvious which would be bigger and “better” than the other.  I think the rubix cubes work for this.  The 5x5x5 cube is physically bigger, has more pieces, and in actual application is harder to solve.  While this would also work for proportion, I wanted to focus on the dominance aspect of their relationship.  So I put the big one on top of the 3x3x3.




Though they are not identical objects, I think a goldfish and a large goldfish container do well to represent proportionality.  Though we cannot see into the container, we know there are hundreds or even thousands of those individual goldfish inside.  Seeing just one laid out next to the container gives an idea of scope as to the larger box’s contents.




I was looking at the label on this beer bottle when I noticed it used a weird font.  So I decided that the fact it stood out made it a good choice for the typography concept.  Fonts are supposed to convey a particular feel, and Heavy Seas has a pirate-y theme, so this big, wavy font is designed to reflect this.  So the question is “does it do it well?”  I think it does well enough, though the subtitle below is more suited to the feel.  It’s more of that traditional, old map script look that is often associated with pirates.


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