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Make some spooky dialogue

Make a conspiracy board

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Make a conspiracy board

You know those conspiracy boards you see in the movies.  Well now you can make one for yourself!  Come up with a story.  It can be anything, but make sure it involves a conspiracy.  Then take all the people, places, and events in that story and make a picture of it in the form of a board that someone trying to solve the conspiracy would make.  It can be cork, chalkboard, or deck of cards style, or anything else you can think of.  Names, pictures, and details linked together will eventually come to create a comprehensive story.

I recommend using a photo editing program to make your life easier in doing this.  You can go above and beyond if you want and get a board and some string and do it in real life, but a designed image will tell the story just as well.  Something like Gimp, Photoshop, or even MS Paint will get the job done.

Here’s the assignment post!

And here’s my example

Jack Board

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Make some spooky dialogue

Start by recording your own voice.  You can say anything, but make it long enough to have interesting shifts throughout the clip.  I recommend using Audacity to do this, because its minimalist interface really streamlines the process of voice recording and editing.  Once you have your clip, select sections of it, and add effects.  Raising or lowering the pitch, changing the speed, and adding wavers are effective ways to distort your voice in interesting ways.  Also, take copies of sections and layer them over the originals, editing those and setting the timing off kilter.  That’s an excellent way to easily make your voice very creepy!

Here’s the assignment page

And here’s one that I made up

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Assignment Ideas

My first assignment idea was an audio assignment where you put together an audio clip of you talking, but change it to make it spooky.

My second one is that you design any kind of conspiracy board.

Jack Board

__________________________________________________________________________________________ TDC Ideas

My first Daily Create idea that I submitted was to draw a circle, then expand outward on that circle to draw anything you can think of.

My second Daily Create was to photograph the next animal you see.  It can be anything from a pet to something random you see outside, or even just a bug.  Just the first animal you see!

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Post-its

This is for the “post-it notes and grocery lists” visual assignment.  Sardic’s day can get pretty hectic, so he has to leave himself all kinds of post-it notes so he doesn’t forget some small but crucial things.  It was a pretty simple assignment in terms of design overhead went.  It was nice because it allowed me to focus on just the writing within the format, very creative focused.

to do notes

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Sardic’s Resume

This is for the “Character Resume” web assignment.  Sardic has a rather specific set of skills and experience, and it shows in his resume.  Needless to say, he’s a bit of an HR nightmare.  His experience makes him look like a thug, his skills could only be used for investigation or less scrupulous lines of work, and half his contacts are aren’t even from this dimension.  I had fun with his resume, between the noir theme and the multiverse setting, I pretty much got to have free reign on what I wanted to put on there.  Below is a link to the .docx file containing Sardic’s Resume.  Please consider his employment.

Sardic Resume

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Trip Adviser – New York

This is for the “storytelling within the web” web assignment.  This was a really cool prompt for a web assignment; it lets you do pretty much anything you want to any site.  Of course I wanted to relate this to Jim Sardic and his version of New York, so I went to a trip adviser page for attractions in New York.  I used x-ray goggles, the extension for firefox, to edit the html on the page.  It was cool changing around things on the site, the extension was extremely intuitive.  You can just click on any portion of the page, and the highlighted code block will come up to let you change anything you want.  I didn’t go too crazy with it, changing links to other pages.  I mostly changed the text on the page to make sense with Sardic’s universe.  Here’s a link to the new version of the site I made.

Here’s an image of my updated version.

alternate trip advisor

And here’s the original trip advisor page

original trip advisor

__________________________________________________________________________________________ Black Mirror Censored

Sardic stood in the middle aged woman’s living room.  She was rummaging around in her attic, looking for a box of her daughter’s old things.  Another disappearance.  He was here to interview her and see what he could find about the daughter.  He noticed the tv was on.  It was on some american channel that was porting that british show, Black Mirror.  A man was giving an impassioned speech about people being too absorbed in their technologies and fabricated realities.  It was all commentary, and Sardic couldn’t help but agree with a lot of it.  The shame of it was the speech was being censored for profanities.  It felt wrong to him, but that’s just classic american tv for you.  The woman came down the stairs, struggling with an oversized box.  Jim turned away from the tv to help her.  There was work to do.

__________________________________________________________________________________________ An interview with Jim Sardic

Well they asked me to come out for an interview.  Sure, why not?  It can’t hurt business to get a little publicity.  I’ll have to have them keep it light though.  People really don’t want to know the details of my work.  I hear I’m going to have a bunch of interviewers, this should be good.


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  1. I really liked your assignment of the postcard from the past. I liked the message you had but I really liked the front of your post card I definitely got that noir feel. Good job!

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